Better Buildings Partnership Launches Updated Green Lease Toolkit to Begin 2024

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The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) has unveiled its enhanced Green Lease Toolkit, a comprehensive online resource designed to promote sustainability in commercial real estate. With legal clauses covering key areas such as building management, circular economy, waste, and renewable energy, the toolkit offers suggested drafting variations categorized as "light," "medium," or "dark" to cater to users at various stages of their green leasing journey. The updated version includes a new Green Lease Essentials section, outlining minimum expectations for green leases. Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO of Better Buildings Partnership and a speaker at CREtech London 2024, emphasized the toolkit's role in fostering positive and open dialogue to drive the delivery of better buildings. The toolkit, co-created by industry professionals, is hosted on the BBP website and invites feedback to reflect best practices and learnings.

Original article posted on January 29, 2024

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