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A Message From Our New Head of Content

Change is good. It shakes us up, refreshes our perspective and gives us a new, often energised, direction of focus. Whether it is as incremental as the introduction of a new voice or as seismic as the collective mindset shift required to decarbonise the Built World, change is a powerful tool. Speaking of the introduction of a new voice, allow me to introduce myself and our reimagined newsletter CREtech, Curated. I’m Emily Wright and I have been a real estate journalist for over 15 years. I have spent the last ten of those focussing on innovation and digital transformation in the Built World both through my roles as tech editor and latterly head of content at EG, the UK’s leading real estate title, and through my freelance work for WIRED, The Spaces and GQ. Technically I suppose my voice is not actually that new at all. But in the context of my new role as CREtech’s Head of Content it does give me access to a fresh audience - that’s you by the way - and I couldn’t be more excited. There is so much to say and relay around innovation within the Built World which is no bad thing. Without discussion and the sharing of ideas and information, we won’t get anywhere. But it can be rowdy out there. I want to cut through the noise. My goal is to bring you the Built World innovation and sustainability content you need to not only be informed but also to help you strengthen your position in a challenging market. Inspiration is great. Actionable inspiration is where the true value lies.

So, how am I going to do it? CREtech, Curated. I am starting right here with our newsletter. A slick, clear and concise round-up of relevant news, views, profiles and events, CREtech, Curated will be neatly packaged up and delivered into your inbox every month and will replace our weekly Briefs newsletters. Everything painstakingly, you guessed it, curated to deliver the ultimate market snapshot. What could be simpler? We will also be launching a new series within this newsletter to get under the skin of some of the biggest players and best-known names in the sector and beyond. What makes them tick? Who do they admire? Why do they do what they do? What new ideas are they championing? We will ask those questions so you don’t have to.

London and New York conferences. I will be programming and hosting CREtech’s two flagship shows with a razor-sharp focus on the future of the real estate sector. There will be more property players on stage telling their stories; good and bad, more focus on the increasingly blurred lines between real estate and climate tech and more weight given to topics and issues that have the power to not just change the sector, but the entire world. Programming for our London event on May 8-9 is already well underway so we can give you a sneak peak of what you can expect and some of the event’s key themes.

  • Resilience and adaptability – hear from some of the biggest names in UK real estate as they reveal how they are repositioning, pivoting and adapting in one of the most challenging markets the sector has faced for years.
  • Real estate-led climate innovation– climate tech will be a game-changer for the future of the sector and the world. But how is it actually being employed? How are property companies incorporating it into their portfolios and what are they doing to position themselves as major players in the sustainability sector?
  • AI– for the topic of discussion that everyone has an opinion on, only the real experts will do. We will be tackling AI from the perspective of those who genuinely understand it. Less chat, more fact.
  • Occupier demand– few people have more power over the future direction of real estate than the occupiers. What they want, how they plan to innovate and evolve, and what they are expecting to see from the tech and property sectors going forward is market intelligence gold dust. Join us to hear from some of the UK’s most ambitious, forward-thinking occupiers first-hand.
  • Smart design and urban master planning– from the complexities of engineering and smart, sustainable tower design to the long-term vision behind some of the UK’s best-known large-scale developments, we will be lining up the players behind the projects showing the power of innovation in real terms.

For all of this and more including an introduction to the fresh names shaking up the UK real estate sector, make sure you secure your place by booking here. The NEW CREtech podcast. If you just can’t wait until the London and New York shows to hear from some of the brightest minds in the sector, worry not. Our all-new CREtech podcast will be carefully curated to bring you regular insights from the biggest and best names in innovation, real estate, sustainability, business and beyond. Watch this space in 2024 for the launch of a new series. So there you have it. A lot to say so thank you for sticking with me. In return, we will be sure to stick with you. Change is good but it isn’t always easy. The next twelve months is going to be challenging for real estate, venture, and startups. We will be on hand to provide the content and actionable inspiration, you need to position yourself and your company in a complex, ever-evolving market. - Emily

Emily Wright

Head of Content


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