Demand for Office Amenity Apps Boosts Proptech Firms

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As the office landscape continues to shift post-COVID, proptech is playing an increasingly significant role in enticing tenants back to the workplace. While traditional notions of amenities like location remain important, the focus is now on tailoring offerings to meet current tenant needs, with a spotlight on health, safety, and sustainability.

As landlords seek to enhance tenant experiences, platforms like HqO and VTS have experienced significant growth, offering a range of amenities and tenant experience services. However, the challenge lies in tracking and monetizing these investments to ensure a return on investment.

The trend toward short-term, flexible space is also on the rise, driven by a desire for greater engagement and satisfaction among both landlords and tenants. Startups like Hilo and SwiftConnect are catering to these evolving demands, providing solutions for access control and shared services.

Ultimately, the key for landlords lies in understanding tenant needs and innovating their offerings accordingly. By creating experiential spaces akin to retail environments, landlords can enhance tenant engagement and satisfaction, driving value for both parties involved.

Original article posted on May 7, 2024

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