Gensler’s City Pulse Report Indicates the Revival of Urban Living

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Gensler's latest City Pulse Retrospective study indicates a sustained rise in urban desirability, suggesting that the pandemic served as a catalyst for the revitalization and transformation of city living. The study examines global perceptions across 15 cities from 2021 to 2023, with a closer look at six cities including Austin, London, Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, and Singapore.

The data reveals that fewer people desire to move to suburban or rural areas, with 73% of those considering a move preferring a city setting. Key findings include improvements in neighborhood satisfaction, increased opportunities for employment and career advancement, and a decrease in perceived "big city" problems like noise and air pollution. However, affordability remains a significant challenge for many urban residents, with a notable increase in those living paycheck to paycheck.

The City Pulse Retrospective underscores the enduring appeal of urban life, despite its challenges, and highlights the importance of addressing affordability concerns while leveraging technology and innovation to enhance city living. The full report, with detailed insights for specific cities, is available on Gensler's website.

Original article posted on April 30, 2024

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