HqO Product Enhancements Help Landlords Prepare for the Return to the Office

BOSTON – August 17, 2021 – HqO, the end-to-end tenant experience operating system for office buildings, today announces new product features to help office landlords and property teams create highly amenitized, engaging, safe, and technology-enabled workplaces. The enhanced HqOS™ functionality prepares landlords to meet evolving tenant expectations, foster better collaboration, and strengthen communities through focused tenant engagement initiatives. Customers also benefit from HqO’s comprehensive data sets and building insights.

In today’s market, office landlords face many challenges in attracting tenants back to the office and meeting modern demands. At the same time, they need to vastly differentiate themselves through competitive property experiences. To achieve these goals, commercial owners must offer services and features that cater to all tenants, both in the office and at home. They also need to invest in technology that prioritizes collaboration, employee safety, mental wellness, and sustainability.


In addition to having the most advanced feature set and biggest technology marketplace available, HqO provides each customer with its own tenant experience team that supports all facets of customer adoption, growth, and engagement. From content creation to advanced data analysis, HqO’s world-class products and services are helping the industry’s biggest commercial landlords safely return people to the office.

“Our goal is to solve problems for landlords that are critical to bringing workers back to the office,” says Mark Rosenthal, COO at HqO. “In this highly competitive talent market, landlords are looking for ways to add value for their tenants, and tenants are looking for experiences that provide safety, hospitality, and extra convenience in the workplace. We know that having a building app alone is not enough to remain successful; property teams will also need content, digital programming, and utilities to drive value throughout a tenant’s work day.”

The HqOS™ platform’s extensive content, amenity, service, and analytics offerings have been expanded to provide:

  • Wellness: HqO’s Mindbody-powered wellness experiences now lets tenants purchase gym memberships, class packs, single classes, and book classes and appointments.
  • Food and Beverage: In partnership with Ritual, HqO customers can offer tenants an integrated food and beverage experience including order ahead, neighborhood views of local merchants, and group ordering.
  • Access Control: HqO’s industry-leading list of access control providers has expanded to include new integrations with Kastle and STid, all working seamlessly within the HqOS™ platform.
  • Visitor Registration: Enhancements to the visitor registration user experience now enable touchless check-in and front desk management through HqO’s built-in functionality and its integrations with Envoy, Building Engines, Angus Systems, and Cloudgate.
  • Service Requests: New built-in service request functionality allows individual tenants and employees to submit service requests to tenant operators for prioritization and delegation.
  • Transportation and Parking: HqO’s expanded transportation options offer the ability to reserve and pay for parking or to purchase parking memberships through its integrations with companies like ParkMobile and SPACES.
  • Content: Self-service content spotlights, audiences, and languages now make it easier than ever for HqOS™ administrators to highlight featured content and control what content users, companies, or buildings are allowed to see within the tenant app.
  • New Dashboards: Building on an already extensive set of dashboards and analytics, HqO customers can now access real-time data on who is in the building at any given time, what spaces and amenities tenants are using in the building, and how much they are paying for services or amenity bookings through two new dashboards on booking and access data.

HqO provides landlords with best-in-class technologies, integrations, and customer service to ensure that tenant apps are driving value for their properties. With a team of dedicated engagement experts, HqO partners with them to provide individualized, property-specific content and services that continually generate industry-leading engagement. For more information on how HqO can create modern tenant experiences for your portfolio, schedule a consultation today.


About HqO

The world’s leading commercial real estate firms count on HqO to help them deliver a state-of-the-art tenant experience within their properties. Active in over 150 million square feet in 8 countries, HqO is known for its tenant experience platform comprised of an award-winning tenant app, analytics suite, and partner marketplace. Our solutions put experiences and a sense of community directly into the tenants’ hands while helping property owners uncover insights and take intelligent action to differentiate their assets. For more information, visit www.hqo.com, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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