JLL has unveiled JLL GPT™, marking a groundbreaking milestone as the industry’s inaugural GPT model

Thanks for keeping up with the CREtech Community in the News! This article features JLL, set to take the stage at CREtech London on May 8-9, 2024. CEO Christian Ulbrich and JLL Spark Global Ventures Managing Partner, Raj Singh will deliver a keynote presentation on the main stage to open the conference. For more news about members of the CREtech Community, follow us on Linkedin.

JLL has recently introduced JLL GPT™, a groundbreaking large language model (LLM) tailored specifically for the commercial real estate sector. With the aim of providing faster, smarter insights, JLL GPT™ is now accessible to all 103,000 JLL employees, empowering them to enhance client services. This marks a significant stride in JLL's commitment to technological innovation, complementing existing AI solutions geared towards optimizing building efficiencies, generating 3D leasing visualizations, assessing sustainability risks, and facilitating investment leads. Explore the press release to discover more about JLL's AI-driven initiatives shaping the future of real estate.

Join us at CREtech London on May 8-9 for an exclusive fireside conversation with Christian Ulbrich, CEO of JLL, and Raj Singh, Managing Partner of JLL Spark Global Ventures, as they discuss the transformative impact of AI in commercial real estate. Led by our Head of Content, Emily Wright, the conversation will delve into how AI technologies are revolutionizing the industry, driving efficiency, enhancing predictive analytics, and unlocking new possibilities.

Original article posted on August 1, 2023

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