Link Logistics Report: Clean Energy Transition Drives Demand for 84 Million Square Feet of Industrial Space

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Discover how the clean energy transition is creating a surge in demand for warehouse space in Link Logistics' latest report. Key insights include:

  • The need for 84 million square feet of spillover space to support supplier networks for electric vehicles, batteries, EV charging equipment, solar panels, and more.
  • Detailed spillover space requirements in cities like Albuquerque, Savannah, Raleigh, and more.
  • An in-depth look at the "spillover effect" and its impact on warehouse demand.
  • The role of the Inflation Reduction Act in fueling clean energy projects and industrial space requirements.
  • Trends in green energy leasing and the significant rise in clean energy projects across the U.S. Battery Belt.

Don't miss this comprehensive analysis on how the clean energy movement is reshaping industrial real estate.

Read the full report to learn more.

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