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Welcome to the third instalment of the CREtech London Sessions Series. A weekly sneak peek into the sessions we have planned for our London event on May 8th and 9th. This is where we explore the themes and topics set to be covered over the two days and delve into what you can expect from the programme of content… without giving too much away, of course.

This week, it’s time to meet the urban power players. A panel made up of some of the biggest names in large-scale design and development.

From Canada Water in London to Mayfield in Manchester, speakers including Martyn Evans, creative director of LandsecU+I, Symon Bacon, development director at British Land and Olympia’s chief digital officer Linda Chandler will take to the stage to discuss the power and the pitfalls of delivering vast, sprawling projects.

This is a session about real estate, about digital advances and about innovation. But it is also a session about the future of the places we live, work and play. It is about the realities of creating smart districts and cities but also about creating places that work on a human level.

As Martyn Evans, creative director of LandsecU+I said in his speaker spotlight interview, “people are complicated, messy, difficult, different, diverse. You can’t run that off a spreadsheet. Life can’t happen without our industry. But you have to be able to understand people to build well. If we don’t understand life and people, we won’t do a very good job as a sector.”

From people to practicalities, this is also the session that will bring you the golden rules of regenerative and digital development from the people doing it day in and day out. The patience required, the planning challenges, the iterations of the masterplans - 24 in the case of both King’s Cross and Canada Water according to British Land’s joint head of Canada Water Roger Madelin – and the personalities and skills sets required to bring these colossal projects to fruition.

- Emily


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