Nestio Launches Funnel, Announces Automated Online Leasing Product

Funnel by Nestio is the first full-funnel independent leasing platform

New York, New York - August 1, 2019 - Nestio, the leading marketing and leasing software provider for multifamily owners and managers, today announced the release of Funnel by Nestio, which includes fully online leasing capabilities that will be released later this year. Designed with convenience and accessibility in mind, the Funnel platform aims to improve the multifamily leasing experience through artificial intelligence and automation at all stages of the leasing process. The patent pending technology takes marketing and leasing software for multifamily owners and managers and increases conversion by automating manual tasks, providing an easy and instant online leasing experience. 

Funnel leverages AI-powered technology to eliminate the need for an applicant to provide documents such as bank statements, pay stubs and tax forms, which can be extremely time consuming to collect. Eliminating this document collection results in secure applications and real-time approvals. The platform benefits prospective renters, as well as owners and managers, by reducing a process that has historically taken days or weeks down to as little as twenty minutes. What was once a pain point for prospective renters and leasing teams now represents an opportunity to create a positive experience from first contact. 

This streamlined leasing experience comes on the heels of the company’s November announcement of its platform enhancements to simplify tour scheduling and lead management. Since launching these updates, Nestio’s customers have signed up more of their units onto the platform, resulting in a 320 percent increase of units signed at one time, overall sales in the first quarter having grown similarly by over 200 percent. Funnel by Nestio will continue and extend that same spirit of automation, taking it to the next level by completing the funnel. It will integrate revolutionary, patent-pending solutions to instantly and securely qualify applicants. 

“As arduous as the apartment rental process is for renters, it’s equally inefficient for leasing teams who have to schedule viewings, run background checks, and field questions. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Funnel by Nestio,” said Caren Maio, CEO and Co-founder of Nestio. “Funnel finally brings the same modern technology that has driven other industries into the multifamily real estate space. The result is a revolution in the leasing experience, from the moment a prospective renter shows interest in an apartment, to the first time they can call it home.” 

[caption id="attachment_29326" align="aligncenter" width="413"] Caren Maio, CEO and Co-founder, Nestio[/caption]

The full platform automates inventory management, lead inquiry responses, real-time tour scheduling, and shortly, the entire online leasing process. Funnel’s offering includes availability syndication, community websites, lead management, online leasing and reporting. Included in 

those products are time saving features such as "click-to-dial" phone calls, multi-touch attribution and AI responses. All of this "best-of-breed" technology integrates with the industry's traditional software providers. 

Funnel provides a frictionless rental experience, allowing multifamily operators to deliver a modern rental experience for their leasing teams and their renters, for the first time. The online leasing component of the product will be released in beta this year, with a full rollout in 2020. This creates a competitive advantage for owners and managers using the Funnel platform while transforming the rental process, getting prospective renters into their new homes faster than ever. 

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About Nestio Nestio is the industry-leading marketing and leasing platform for multifamily owners and managers. Backed by top investors from Silicon Valley and the real estate industry, Nestio is on a mission to transform the rental experience by building technology that streamlines the apartment marketing and leasing process, enabling multifamily professionals to generate more profits, efficiency and insight across their portfolios.

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