Okapi Announce Integration of Weather API to Enrich AI Notifications with External Data

Okapi is excited to announce the inclusion of a new external data source to enrich existing business datasets for its customers. This external data source is combined with datasets provided by the customer, for finding anomalies, root-cause and predictions.

The external data source announced today is the weather API. This includes temperature, humidity, snowfall, wind factor, and even location-sensitive metrics such as sea level for buildings found on the coast.

“By using sensitivity analysis and running predictions and testing, we can estimate with a high level of accuracy the effect that various weather conditions will have on factors such as tenant satisfaction, staff and vendor efficiency and leasing optimization.”, says Maya Gal, Okapi’s CTO and co-founder.

 Added Benefits of Okapi Weather API:

  •  Tenant Satisfaction: Recognize the correlation between weather, tenant requests and maintenance staffing. Assign workloads effectively, such as increasing support during a heavy snowfall or a heatwave, getting response times and completion times reduced for optimum tenant support.
  • Minimizing Crisis Mode: Optimize your alerts for specific weather conditions. An abnormal request queue on a regular day might be 10 tickets. When the temperature drops below zero, a normal ticket queue could rise to 20. Create a view that works for your business, enriched with real-time data.
  • Reducing Costs: Being able to accurately predict when you will need additional support has a direct impact on your bottom line. Better utilize internal teams, avoid using emergency contractors and take your time to compare price quotes from vendors.


Okapi was founded by entrepreneurs Iris Tsidon and Maya Gal in 2017. The young start-up is gaining momentum in the North East and Canada with customers such as QuadReal Property Group, Bentall Kennedy, JBG SMITH, and others.


About Okapi

Okapi is an Artificial Intelligence SaaS platform that delivers actionable, personalized notifications to every user in the commercial real estate organization according to their unique roles, while perfectly aligned with the core business goals. The Okapi solution supports teams in improving tenant satisfaction, preventative maintenance, leasing efficiency and energy savings. For more information, visitwww.okapi.ai

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