Prevu Accelerates West Coast Expansion with San Diego Launch

Prevu, a real estate technology company on a mission to empower homebuyers and save them time and money, today announced its expansion into San Diego, advancing its strategy to bring unparalleled control, transparency and savings to the home buying process in metropolitan cities across the country. The launch marks an expansion within California following the company’s entry in Los Angeles and Orange County earlier this year, and is well timed for San Diego homebuyers looking to save money in the face of rapidly increasing home prices.


The California Association of Realtors recently reported that the current median home price in San Diego County increased 19.6 percent year-over-year and outpaced many markets across the country. Lack of housing supply and low mortgage rates, coupled with a highly active real estate market, are projected to drive strong buyer demand, making it more difficult for buyers to identify and purchase homes that meet their needs. Prevu’s Smart Buyer™ digital home buying and technology platform empowers consumers to seamlessly search listings, collaborate with their experienced local agent, and buy a home online. This zero-pressure digital experience delivers a smarter, more efficient way for homebuyers to transact, and has generated an average savings of approximately $23,000 per transaction since the platform’s launch in 2017.


“Prevu is not only saving buyers time, money and frustration, we’ve created a digital platform that elevates the entire experience of purchasing a home by putting more power in the hands of consumers while providing experienced agents to guide them through the process,” said Thomas Kutzman co-founder and co-CEO of Prevu. “Our value proposition is even more important in today’s competitive housing market, as homebuyers compete for the homes of their dreams. Expanding to San Diego – which boasts a strong job market and attractive climate – marks a natural next step for us as we continue to roll out and scale our service offering in Southern California.”


Prevu digitizes the home buying process, allowing consumers to search for available listings, schedule tours, make offers, and more easily collaborate with their dedicated agent. The platform’s experienced local agents guide homebuyers every step of the way along the most-complicated last mile of the transaction, from offer through closing. What’s more, Prevu’s differentiated structure eliminates most of the overhead costs associated with operating a real estate brokerage, and the platform translates these efficiencies into savings to buyers in the form of an industry-leading commission rebate of up to two percent of the home’s purchase price.


“Prior to the pandemic, consumer interest in digital homebuying and selling platforms was steadily increasing, and Covid-19 has accelerated that interest in a way that is unlikely to reverse post-pandemic,” said Chase Marsh co-founder and co-CEO of Prevu. “A number of platforms have come to market offering different ways to rethink the homebuying and selling process, but what none of them have been able to do is create a value proposition that allows buyers to save tens of thousands of dollars per transaction without sacrificing a great homebuying experience. This is what sets Prevu apart and our business in the first half of 2021 increased 5x year-over-year.”


In addition to San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, Prevu also has operations in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.


About Prevu

Prevu is a real estate technology company on a mission to empower homebuyers. The company’s digital Smart Buyer™ platform offers a homebuying experience with unparalleled control, transparency and savings when purchasing a home. With Prevu, consumers can seamlessly search, offer and save up to two percent of the purchase price when they buy a home. This zero-pressure online experience delivers a smarter, more efficient way for homebuyers to transact. The company currently operates in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. To learn more about the company, visit

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