Reimagining the Built World: Nearly 2000 Real Estate, Venture & Technology Professionals Attend CREtech London Conference

London, May 13, 2024 – CREtech, the premier global conference company dedicated to reshaping the Built World through technology and sustainability, hosted an impressive gathering of nearly 2000 real estate, venture, and technology professionals at its fourth annual CREtech London conference held on May 8th and 9th, 2024. The event brought together attendees from across the globe, including the world’s leading technology providers, real estate companies, government officials, advisory firms, and venture investors. More than any other CREtech event in Europe to date, the 2024 conference was highlighted by the largest turnout of C-Suite real estate professionals on stage and in attendance.

Industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors converged at Magazine London for two days of unparalleled networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration. The conference facilitated thousands of meetings, fostering meaningful connections and opportunities for partnership and growth. The two-day conference also boasted two stages featuring world-class content and C-suite speakers, along with an expo hall showcasing the most innovative technology solutions in the industry. 

Renowned for delivering top-tier content that educates and inspires, CREtech London 2024 featured a carefully curated selection of speakers and panels, with a focus on fireside chats and forward-thinking presentations aimed at driving innovation, productivity, and sustainability. Keynote speakers included Christian Ulbrich, CEO & President of JLL, Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist at Google, Juliette Morgan, ESG Consultancy Director at Gensler, Justin Harley, Director at Yardi, Raj Singh, Managing Partner at JLL Spark, Faisal But, Managing Partner & Founder, PI Labs, Paul Williams, CEO of Derwent London, and many more. 

Michael Beckerman, CEO, CREtech commented, “While our industry is facing challenges in the real estate, venture and startup sectors, I have  never been so optimistic about the long term impact of technology in this marketplace. Whether it’s coming from the AI revolution, emerging markets like construction tech or the tremendous momentum in climate tech, many headwinds in the sector will undoubtedly help dramatically scale this marketplace in the future.  CREtech London serves as a bellwether for the current and future state of this marketplace and we are honored to have had so many extraordinary speakers from the world's leading C-Suite executives who are championing innovation, share their views on the marketplace today at CREtech London. No doubt the best speaker roster, attendee mix and startups that we have ever assembled at CREtech London by our new Head of Content, Emily Wright,” Beckerman concluded.

If you missed the CREtech London Conference, all sessions will be available to stream on CREtech+ soon.

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