The world’s smartest living wall reimagines the future office

Zauben, known for its plug-and-play Model Z living wall product, is
reimagining the office spaces with Industrious, WeWork, and IWG the three largest coworking companies
to create healthier and happier workplaces.

Zauben launched its first showroom in partnership with Industrious Chicago’s Fulton Market, a
contemporary hub of acclaimed restaurants, chic boutiques, and trendy breweries. The Model Z living wall
is designed with hydroponic technology, self-irrigates, automated plant lighting to mimic circadian
rhythms, and monitors plant health 24/7.

The demand for prioritizing employee health and wellness is now greater than ever before. A survey from
Champion Health showed 90% of UK employees believed the pandemic had impacted their mental
health, while a similar survey reported more than 40% of businesses are extremely worried about the
impact the pandemic is likely to have on their employees.

As a result, coworking spaces have been reimagined, reassessed, and reconfigured. Spaces crammed
with desks are being swapped for socially distanced layouts, air purification units are being installed in
droves, and hygiene stations have been established.

“We spend 90% of our lives indoors and 90,000 hrs at work over a lifetime. This lack of exposure to the
natural world affects our physical and mental health, mood, energy levels, and sleep rhythm—it’s an
unhealthy separation,” says Zach Smith CEO at Zauben. “It’s time for a change. The modern office needs
to be rethought and redesigned with people and nature in mind.”

A study by a research group at the University of Exeter, in association with Indoor Garden Design, found
that plants in an office can boost staff wellness by up to 47%. Plants increase the flow of oxygen in the
body, lower blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen the immune system, cleanse the lungs, alleviate
stress, and energize the body.

“We know that now more than ever, employees are looking for their workplace to not only be
professionally functional but provide them with the balance of health and happiness that remote work
brought,” said Rachael Gursky SVP of Customer Experience at Industrious.

Studies have shown that Zauben’s Model Z can also reduce indoor sounds by an average of 15 decibels.
For perspective, this is the difference in volume between a vacuum cleaner (75 dBA) and a lawnmower
(90 dBA). In an environment filled with the hum of chatter and photocopiers, a reduction of 15 decibels
can make a huge difference.

Zauben’s first national showroom location is steps away from Morgan Station in the Fulton Market District,
this thoughtfully-designed office is in the creative hub of the West Loop appointments to visit the Zauben
Showroom can be booked here.
About Zauben

(Chicago, IL) Zauben is reimagining how we think and interact with nature. Headquartered in Chicago,
Zauben is a product and service company breathing life back into our cities. Zauben creates
environmentally friendly spaces with sustainable green products and combines the beauty of nature with
innovative IoT sensor technology to monitor plant care

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