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CRETECH 2019 - Brooklyn, NY — Built off the backbone of Local Logic, Local Analytics looks to be the future of urban planning and the “go-to” investment tool for land development projects. Now, for the first time, a developer can see everything in one place. Using professional GIS tools; users can evaluate any location, while cross referencing demographic, market supply and demand, asset type, zoning data, and more.

For example, a land developer can get into the livability and demographics of each block, including; nearby cafes and restaurants, if the neighborhood is quiet, if the local residents are going out on the town, what the public transit accessibility is like, how a senior might like living in the area vs. a college graduate who bikes, how many people are looking for condos to live in compared to other property types... Local Analytics solves these problems in a matter of clicks, instead of weeks.

“When working with developers over the last few years, they told us how painful it was to lose deals after investing significant resources to assess viability. If their competitors move faster in these hot metros, and decide sooner, then these opportunities are lost,” said, Gabriel Damant-Sirois, Co-Founder & CPO. “We also learned that developers want to align with communities and build things that everybody loves. We can help with the data and these consumer insights, and that is really exciting. To finally bring the consumer voice, big data, and AI into a tool that cuts weeks into minutes for the go/no-go research phase.”

“We have a waiting list [for the platform], and people are getting it…” added Pierre Calzadilla, VP of Growth, “it’s never been so exciting, since my days at Trulia, to experience such huge customer excitement, as well as inbound interest. We are now available across North America with core data, but since every city is different we are creating deeper experiences that vary city to city, such as within Chicago or Toronto where the urban needs are very different.”

As an industry, we are already seeing companies embrace the intersection of citizens, urban planning, and land development needs. A great example of this is Cushman Wakefield’s new map, which unlocks a more intimate connection to the value of every neighborhood.

Local Analytics provides this type of detailed neighborhood information for every block in the US, with 17 distinct attributes. This powerful tool supports and understands the fact that what is important to one person or organization, may not be interesting for another. It customizes and localizes these needs. Local Analytics lets the user, or developer, decide who they want to solve for.

As a global community, we need to continue working towards a future where our cities are more socially and environmentally sustainable, while also easier and more enjoyable to live in. This will take the right mix of buildings, public transit, and amenities, as well as forward thinking investors and land developers to leapfrog our processes into the future. We can do this together, and it looks like Local Analytics, and the team at Local Logic have provided a set of tools that can help.


About the Company:

Local Logic, inc. quantifies the built environment via 17 scores, for every location in North America. These scores can be found powering insights for the largest brands in real estate, and touching millions of consumers every month. Add them easily to any site to create a personalized, local consumer experience, or use the data for custom applications.

Local Analytics is a powerful tool that helps investors and land developers assess land opportunities in minutes, while saving thousands of dollars. Using professional GiS tools to evaluate any location, while cross referencing demographic, supply, asset type, zoning data, and more.

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