Willow Extends Lead in Digital Twins for Real Assets and Accelerates Growth Through Strategic Investment, New Executives and a Cyber Security offering


NEW YORK – August 2, 2021 – Willow, the leading digital twin for the built world, welcomes new strategic investor In-Q-Tel, Inc., the non-profit organization that invests in cutting-edge tech startup companies that contribute to the national security of the United States and its allies.


The investment signals Willow’s growing capabilities in cybersecurity as part of their digital twin solution, which uses comprehensive data across a physical asset to provide owners and operators the ability to compare, analyze, protect and manage assets in streamlined view. The digital twin will enable intelligence groups and asset managers to visualize risks and cyberthreats at scale, to allow for proactive security actions in the places where they are needed most.


“As the world digitizes, digital twins are now foundational to national security. The prevalence and impact of attacks on critical infrastructure is no longer a peripheral concern for asset owners; it’s front of mind” said Mike Ferrari, Managing Director, In-Q-Tel. “Digital twins will undoubtedly be a new technology category, one in which Willow is a leading provider.”


Willow’s technology provides essential visibility to asset owners for critical infrastructure of all types. “As companies around the world begin to digitize, the attack surface for owners grows as well, and Willow is working closely with world-class partners, such as Microsoft, to provide a solution to the growing concern cybersecurity,” said Charn Tangson, Head of Cybersecurity, Willow.


The investment from In-Q-Tel follows an exciting growth period for Willow over the first half of 2021 as customer interest in Willow’s digital twin solutions grows in key markets across the world. In response to growing global demand, the organization has expanded its executive bench with the addition of new North American CEO Kevin Danehy, Head of Europe Marc Maathuis, and new Vice Presidents of Product Ben Schultz and Ben Baker.


“Digitization of the Built World is happening today, digital twin technology is essential to manage the enormous amounts of data being generated by real assets,” said Joshua Ridley, Global Chief Executive Officer. “As the built world digitises there are new opportunities and new risks. The growing risk of cyber security must be addressed. Willow is working with the major owners and operators of real assets to make the digitzation fast and simple, secure and open. This will maximize investments by making them future ready and importantly cyber secure.”


Willow’s customer base includes some of the world's largest and most influential owners of real estate and critical infrastructure, including Brookfield Properties as well as several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft. The company also boasts several iconic campus and stadium precincts, including the newly completed SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park in Los Angeles.




About Willow

Willow is the “digital twin” for the built world. Through their software, Willow creates a digital replica of a built asset, that collects and aggregates data into a “twin”. Through this approach, Willow enables the owners and operators of major portfolios and infrastructure to make smarter, more proactive, and data-led decisions. By providing data-driven insights, Willow empowers users to manage with greater efficiency, drive operational improvements at scale and provide their occupants with an enhanced and more connected experience. Willow is a global technology company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Seattle, New York, London, Amersfoort, Manila and Tel Aviv.  For more information head to Willow’s website: www.willowinc.com


About In-Q-Tel

IQT delivers cutting-edge and critically needed technology capabilities that contribute to the national security of the United States and its allies. IQT achieves this through market and trend analyses, strategic investments, technology adaptation, and applied research. Founded in 1999 as the independent, not-for-profit strategic investor to the CIA, IQT’s role and scope has since evolved, and IQT now partners with 10 U.S. government agencies. Its Sydney-based Australian subsidiary, IQT International Australia Ltd., collaborates with the Office of National Intelligence (www.oni.gov.au) on behalf of Australia’s national intelligence community to support a partnership between the intelligence and national security communities of the U.S., UK, and Australia. Learn more at www.iqt.org.





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