BrokerSumo Launches Real Estate Brokerage and Agent Back Office and Accounting Platform

Today marks the launch of their new platforms for brokerages and agents. San Jose CA. October 12, 2016//-  BrokerSumo Inc. announced today that their real estate back office and accounting platform has officially launched. BrokerSumo offers powerful and robust tools to the masses of brokerages and agents who don’t have a real estate specific product to handle the day-to-day management and accounting of their business. While there are an abundance of transaction management products, there are limited back office and accounting options for brokerages and agents. Jeremy Shoenig, CEO and Co-Founder of BrokerSumo stated, “I’ve been in the real estate and technology world for almost 20 years and the lack of tech development in this space has always been frustrating. Many of the brokers and agents I speak with are either using a non-real estate product which can be frustrating, or they are using their own cobbled together system of tools and spreadsheets to manage their day to day operations.” Instead of being forced to pay what the existing giants in this space demand for features that many real estate professionals never use, BrokerSumo is the modern day solution—offering only core features at an affordable price. Their real estate brokerage product includes: assigning custom commission plans to agents, processing agents’ credit cards for monthly billings, storing personnel documents and an electronic onboarding platform for adding new agents allowing them to e-sign agreements and add their personnel information electronically. Transaction features include: closing out transactions by creating commission disbursement statements and automatically calculating agents’ commissions, and paying agents and vendors using ACH electronic transfers. The accounting features include the ability to sync bank and credit card account data and categorize and tag that data, issuing 1099s to agents and vendors, managing deposits and trust accounts and reconciling their accounts.  The reporting module includes agent and office performance reports and accounting reports. Their real estate agent product give agents a full accounting suite with the ability to sync their bank and credit cards, categorize and tag financial data, add their transactions to manage their pipeline, pay vendors using ACH transfers, issue 1099s to those vendors and run profit and loss, lead conversion and pipeline reports. A mobile app integration is coming soon allowing mileage and receipts to be automatically tracked and synced into BrokerSumo. BrokerSumo has partnered with transaction management products, EZ Coordinator ( and Shorttrack ( to sync transaction data into BrokerSumo, and are currently in discussions with multiple other companies regarding partnerships. A QuickBooks integration is also in development. For more information, visit For Media Inquiries: Jeremy Shoenig 510-921-4149 BrokerSumo Launches Real Estate Brokerage and Agent Back Office and Accounting Platform BrokerSumo Inc.

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