Commercial Real Estate Intelligence Platform Actovia Supercharges User Experience

Summary: Commercial Real Estate and mortgage intelligence firm Actovia has contracted a software redesign that will improve the user experience on the site. Subscribers will find the site extremely easy to use without any loss of the accuracy and relevance for which Actovia is known.       New York, NY (January 21, 2016) A leading commercial real estate (CRE) intelligence platform has recently taken steps to enhance the user experience on their site. Actovia is known for  providing specific, relevant, and immediately useful data to CRE and Mortgage Brokers who use it to source deals, research properties and find owner contact numbers on properties, and the company is being proactive about providing a high performance site.  They’ve contracted with user experience specialists to redesign the software; improving efficiency and helping their customers fully utilize the site’s features.   Jonathan Ingber, founder of Actovia, understood the greatest difficulty faced by brokers and investors alike is the tedious and time-consuming process of gathering intelligence: identifying the real owner behind the LLC; discovering properties’ real loan rates and due dates; and ascertaining prepayment penalty information.   No one maintains a comprehensive database of real estate and loan intelligence like Actovia, and – with this new user experience – allows industry professionals to source and access data unlike ever before.      Available anywhere, this cloud-based solution also includes easy to use mapping and CRM functions. The redesigned search function allows the user to create detailed, customized reports on properties, owners, banks, and neighborhoods that are of interest. It provides the insight that makes deals happen   Subscribers to Actovia also have access to personalized customer support. A free trial can be requested at     About Actovia Founded by Jonathan Ingber, who formerly served as Director of Research for a high profile NYC-based commercial real estate brokerage, Actovia streamlines the intelligence-gathering process for real estate brokers and investors. Subscribers can identify the real owners behind LLCs, discover properties’ real loan rates and due dates, ascertain prepayment penalty information, and search the most active owners and zip codes to empower stronger prospecting and fuel deals.   For additional information, please contact: or visit and sign up for a free trial.   Commercial Real Estate Intelligence Platform Actovia Supercharges User Experience Actovia

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