CREtech Affordable Housing Launches NEW Podcast Series Devoted to Educating and Inspiring the Built World to Address the Housing Affordability Crisis

New York, NY — CREtech, the largest international community of professionals devoted to technological and sustainable innovation in the real estate sector, has announced a new CREtech Affordable Housing podcast in partnership with Second Century Ventures, one of the most respected and active PropTech investors in the industry.

The CREtech Affordable Housing initiative was launched in 2022 to raise awareness of technology’s role in solving the affordable housing crisis and to be a comprehensive resource for professionals to discover startups, venture investors, thought-leaders and real estate companies leading the way in affordable housing tech investment.

Affordable housing is one of the largest global problems to solve. Part of the solution will be through technology such as new building techniques, financing solutions, and land development tech, among others.

In this series, host of the podcast, Ashley Stinton, Executive Director, Second Century Ventures & REACH, sits down with experts, leaders, advocates and innovators  from the technology, public and private sectors on the front lines of driving instrumental change in affordable housing. The series aims to educate, raise awareness and showcase the unique solutions having the largest impact on solving this global crisis. 

Season 1 of the CREtech Affordable Housing Podcast features:

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