Fast Office to provide free and unlimited test-fits for its 3D workplace solutions technology and service platform

  Fast Office’s 3D technology and tenant-centric engagement service platform, powered by a team of architects and interior designers, rolls-out new service model to fast-track the site selection process.   Fast Office, a leader in 3D workplace solutions visualization for the commercial real estate industry, announced their new engagement service model that provides unlimited free test-fits, for clients who subscribe to their platform. Fast Office professionals are available to engage in a live collaborative session with brokers, agents, landlords, tenants and their architectural teams, to develop on-demand test-fits for free. The Fast Office technology gives decision makers’ real-time layout visualization that can deliver customized budgeted solutions for vacant space.   Fast Office quickly creates free custom test-fits of vacant space and immediate virtual representations in an interactive 3D environment. Potential tenants can immediately virtually tour unfinished commercial spaces, including accurate views out the window, on any device whether it’s a PC, tablet or iPad. Fast Office is changing the dynamics of the industry by providing a technology platform that streamlines the leasing process for tenants and landlords.  Brokers are involved in the process and the essential information necessary to transact efficiently is made transparent, accurate and easy to understand through the use of 3D visualization tools, cloud based content and data publishing.  Completed virtual test-fits also serves as a marketing tool by generating an electronic, interactive flyer for distribution as well as generating a unique URL that can be uploaded to a buildings website and all MLS systems. “When our professionals engage with tenants and build the test-fits during our on-line live sessions, they are amazed that they can view the layout that we just created for them instantly in a 3D virtual tour that immerses them into the space.  During the on-line test fit sessions, if they request an immediate change or want to create and view multiple alternatives, the 3D tour is recreated instantly. There is no waiting period; the immersive 3D tour is generated instantly during these sessions ” said Colin Graham, Chief Product Officer of Fast Office. For current landlord, brokerage and tenant clients, Fast Office is already becoming an essential part of the leasing process.  With a focus on tenant test-fits, Fast Office technology reduces the average vacancy period while improving the tenant leasing experience, driving value to the landlord.  The Fast Office 3D space planning and budgeting tools also includes proprietary “Deal Tracking” reports to keep landlords apprised of activity and market feedback. "Test-fits are a necessary aspect of the leasing process and are used by tenants to determine if a space meets the physical, operational and cultural needs of their business. By offering unlimited free test-fits, we are assisting with that process”, said Casey Myhre, Chief Executive Officer of Fast Office.  Casey added, “ Fast Office’s technology and professionals provide landlords and brokers with an innovative service and experience that serves as a tool to reduce vacancy cost, decision-time and now with our free test-fit program, prospective tenants benefit by receiving multiple alternative immersive 3D visualization of space during the site-selection process and a deeper knowledge base to ultimately lease space.” Fast Office service also provides a library that showcases leading manufacturer’s furniture, fixtures and equipment within the created test-fit and 3D space layouts. Tenants can visualize their spatial and workplace requirements that can also deliver fully priced and specified test-fits.  While interacting with brokers and tenants working directly with a Fast Office designer, agents can explain to their tenants that the objects in the 3D plan and tour are actual products that are already budgeted and available to purchase.  All of which is simultaneously generated in real-time as the test-fits are being created. For more information and to schedule a web demo, please contact Casey Myhre at 212.500.5180 or Fast Office is a commercial real estate technology company located in New York City.  Fast Office has built a software platform using open source and proprietary software tools that quickly creates 3D virtual representations of a space in an interactive on-line session with design professionals. The technology provides a comprehensive office space marketing and sales support services to Landlords, brokers, product suppliers and manufacturers to provide to tenants in the market.  Fast Office’s proprietary space layout tools enable the company to provide free tenant “test-fits” to the market and enables the sale of marketing content and data management services to Landlords and while providing furniture, fixtures, equipment, design and construction services to tenants.        Fast Office to provide free and unlimited test-fits for its 3D workplace solutions technology and service platform Fast Office

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