Hightower Launches New Product to Serve Tenant Rep Brokers

Hightower Launches New Product to Serve Tenant Rep Brokers All new ‘Tenant Advisor’ product creates industry’s first end-to-end leasing management solution for brokers NEW YORK CITY (November 3, 2015) – Hightower, the leading leasing management platform for the commercial real estate industry, today announced the launch of Tenant Advisor, the first platform designed specifically to support commercial tenant rep brokers. “The launch of Tenant Advisor is the culmination of months of intense customer research and development,” said Brandon Weber, Hightower CEO. “Over the past 6 months we partnered with leading tenant rep brokers from around the country to create a solution for the unique needs of the tenant rep community. This is just the beginning, with many new features to follow, but we feel great about being the only company to offer brokers a product like this.” The product enables tenant rep brokers to manage their pursuit pipeline, active deals, and existing clients in one place for the first time ever. With functionality designed specifically for CRE brokers, professionals can run comparative financial analysis, export client facing reports, manage deal files, and track commissions in an experience that is easy to use and works beautifully on the web and their smart phone. For generalist brokers, these features work seamlessly with Hightower’s Agency Rep platform. In addition to supporting a critical part of the broker’s workflow, the launch of Tenant Advisor underscores Hightower’s dedication to a truly end-to-end leasing management solution. “We believe this is an important step in our vision to create a platform for the CRE community to collaborate on deals throughout the entire lifecycle — from prospect to renewal,” added Weber.  “With Hightower I’m now much more proactive with my business because the data I need is at my fingertips,” said Brad Rohrbaugh, a partner at Bennett Williams Realty and early adopter of the Tenant Advisor platform. “For example, if I see that 80% of my deals are in signed LOI and my prospects are light, I know that I need to load more prospects into the funnel. And, best of all, I can manage it all from my phone. It is nice to know you have your entire deal portfolio, files, and contacts in one app on your phone at all times.” For more information on Tenant Advisor, check out http://www.gethightower.com/tenant-advisor. About Hightower
 Hightower is the leading end-to-end leasing management platform for the commercial real estate industry that helps brokers and owners save time, improve visibility, and reduce risk in their portfolio. Founded in 2013, Hightower has thousands of customers from around the world using its platform, including Vornado, CBRE, NGKF, Beacon Capital, JLL, Shorenstein and more. Contact Katie Christ 914-266-0860 Hightower Launches New Product to Serve Tenant Rep Brokers Hightower

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