HomeBeat.Live launches the new “Slack for buildings“

Similar to Slack® the Berlin start-up HomeBeat.Live provides a powerful communication platform, but in this case dedicated to apartment buildings, enhanced with practical tools to increase transparency & safety. Berlin, 17th August 2017; If you think PropTech is still in its infancy, you’re right. Until today, real estate management solutions have been focusing on efficiency gains for property managers, largely ignoring the needs of tenants and apartment owners. As a result, data and procedures are lost whenever there is a change in management. HomeBeat.Live founders Bruno Acar and Anton Skorokhod are changing that with immediate effect, empowering residents to drive innovation on their terms. HomeBeat.Live provides a unique and comprehensive approach: 1.  Transparency Administrative sluggishness by property managers can finally be overcome when residents are given the ability to put their issues on the agenda in a timely manner. The community gets a permanently up-to-date overview of the scope of measures to be addressed by the management and gets actively involved. 2.  Shorter communication cycles Residents can now simultaneously contact their neighbours & property manager at the push of a button. The latter benefits from structured incident reporting, avoiding duplication and numerous calls. The absence of constant phone calls improves their ability to focus on solving the problem. Simple, tweet-like updates to incidents increase transparency and at the same time, dramatically enhance the perception of the property manager. 3.  Safety Far too often, emergency scenarios in residential buildings are not prepared for. Safety is increased and potential damages better contained when response plans are made centrally available. Communities can now organise themselves fast and adequately. Simple information like knowing where the main water valves are in case of a severe water leak reduces financial impact. The correct response in case of fire can save lives and homes. 4.  Independency The ability of individual residents to independently push community interests leads to responsible cooperation in the community. The platform provides a solid infrastructure for the property enabling continuous access to information and processes whilst remaining independent of changes in the management structure. 5.  Cost savings Owners and residents benefit from timely maintenance and save money by preventing accidents and avoiding damages. Additional cost savings can be obtained in areas such as energy consumption or insurances. Property managers gain access to a powerful tool that enhances their efficiency and perception without any investment. How it works: HomeBeat.Live empowers individuals to drive this long overdue innovation themselves. In just 5 minutes, without any technical skills or approval, residents and owners can register their building and get access to a fully equipped private platform. Contact data on service providers such as the property manager is stored centrally and made accessible at any time from a mobile or laptop. Residents can report malfunctions that are relevant to the community to the property manager and all neighbours simultaneously at the click of a button. The platform contains a messenger, a digital blackboard, a calendar, a notification system and a rights based document repository. Throughout Europe residents have tested the platform with heart and soul before the current launch: “That early notification that the garage exit was blocked enabled me to arrange for a taxi in time. It saved my business meeting.“- Gerald M. “Communication has really improved in our building. Knowing I have everything at my fingertips brings me peace of mind.“- Manuela R. “For safety, you need to be vigilant. It’s a fantastic feeling when you know your neighbours watch out for you.“- Rohit K. The founders, Bruno Acar (CEO) and Anton Skorokhod (CTO) are confident: The strong global trend towards urbanisation and the fact that currently 99% of all apartment buildings worldwide have no form of digital infrastructure, illustrate the potential. “In this next phase of real estate sector transformation, the business of ‘bricks and mortar’ will no longer be about bricks nor mortar.“- stated KPMG in their white paper The Future of RealTech (May 2017) following a 1200% increase in RealTech (PropTech) investment over the last few years. For years Bruno expected Silicon Valley to come up with a pragmatic solution to a problem that nagged him personally, before finally deciding with Anton to take matters into their own hands. Since April 2016, they’ve bootstrapped HomeBeat.Live to its current market maturity. About HomeBeat.Live HomeBeat.Live is the digital platform for apartment buildings. It enables a strong, vibrant residential community and 24/7 access to information and services. For the first time, residents are empowered to drive this long overdue innovation themselves. It improves safety, enables better building management and with it reduces cost. The platform is free of charge, both available as a cloud service and as a mobile app. The PRO version increases the service level even further, leading to additional financial advantages such as cheaper insurance policies, etc. Neighbours, services and the property manager are just one click away. In less than 5 minutes and without any technological knowledge, anyone can now set up a free, private platform for his/her building. HomeBeat.Live launches now in Europe. Watch the HomeBeat.Live video intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J72dPKqPVZE HomeBeat.Live launches the new “Slack for buildings“ The Coup

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