New Live Virtual Property Viewing Platform Promises To Save Estate Agents £000’s

NEW live virtual property viewing platform that promises to make the process of property viewings easier, faster and more efficient is proving popular with both buyers and estate agents. Currently, house buyers view at least 6 properties in person before deciding on their next home, spending around 30 minutes per viewing, excluding travel time. However, recent trials of ground-breaking new technology EyeSpyLive, has enabled agents to qualify buyers before a physical viewing and reduce the cost of a viewing. Recent survey results conducted by EYESPY360 found that nearly 65% of agents were not able to put a cost to their viewings. Those that could calculated an average of £50 per viewing. Trials using EyeSpyLive with national estate agents has demonstrated that when the platform was used it saved the average agent an incredible £30- 40 per viewing. The platform, which has been nearly 6 months in the making, allows the viewing to happen much like a FaceTime call with each party shown in the corner of the screen.. Buyers can access the remote online session from anywhere, meaning that everybody need not be in the same place at the same time. The estate agent shows people around, conducting the tour in the same way they would in person, answering questions and letting the buyers explore the property at their leisure. By viewing properties in this way, the buyer is able to narrow down the properties they’re interested in to a small number they’d like to view in person, thus saving significant time. For the agent, they can focus and spend their time on prospects with increased probability of conversion, thus gaining new business, instructions, appraisals and so on in the time saved. Andrew Nichols, founder and CEO of EYESPY360, said: “The real estate industry is entering a new era. Changing consumer demands mean that the way agents market properties needs to evolve. A perfect example being millennials making their first steps on the property ladder. They expect to able to do everything from a mobile device. They already search for properties on a mobile phone, so why shouldn’t they be able to carry out a property viewing in the same way’. The recently launched 360-degree virtual tours of properties offer new freedom for everyone involved in the buying purchase. Now, being able to conduct remote viewings in real time, with or without an estate agent present, facilitates the journey to sale.” He went on to say, “EyeSpyLIVE™ is the only platform that gives agents and buyers this opportunity to take property viewings to a whole new level. We have already seen enthusiastic interest from agents worldwide keen to futureproof their services in this increasingly tech-focused market, and believe EyeSpyLIVE™ has the potential to change the face of property marketing for the better.” For further details about EyeSpyLIVE™ and to save cost and time on your property viewings, visit or call 0800 999 5360.   New Live Virtual Property Viewing Platform Promises To Save Estate Agents £000’s EyeSpy360

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