NYC based KISI Unlocks $1.5M Investment and Rolls out Mobile Access Pass at Cushman & Wakefield New York City Headquarters

NEW YORK,  May 6, 2015  /PRNewswire/--  KISI Inc., a leading provider and developer of a cloud-managed keyless access control system, today announced  $1.5 Million  in funding in an effort to become the primary access system in  New York  and other large cities. Led by  Berlin-based Point Nine Capital with participation from Windforce Ventures, Mesa Ventures and  Marcy Simon, the funding will be used to build out advanced features and grow the team's infrastructure. " We see the Internet of Things moving to the enterprise and encompassing entire cities. We believe KISI can contribute to making this city more livable and more secure," said  Bernhard Mehl, Co-Founder of KISI. "Not only will this funding allow us to expand beyond the 1,000,000 sqft of clients' spaces that KISI currently secures, it'll help grow our product offerings to provide a superior and safer user experience for all our customers."    In addition to funding, KISI partnered with Cushman & Wakefield this month to roll out KISI's mobile access technology at the company's corporate headquarters in  New York City. All main office doors at the office are now accessible by employees via their iPhone or Android devices. "As a firm, Cushman & Wakefield is always looking for new, innovative opportunities to keep our company and office space ahead of the ever-evolving tech curve," said  John Santora, Cushman & Wakefield CEO of North America.  "Our employees are constantly using mobile technologies for productivity, security and collaboration. KISI's technology enables all of this at the point of access, and makes our corporate headquarters ready for the future." KISI's technology removes the hassle of using keys and allows every employee to have access to buildings, making it easy to manage employees globally. The company offers innovative software solutions for buildings and corporate offices with features such as: Only globally scalable access control system for spaces Mobile push-to-entry app on any phone (iPhone, Android, Windows) with existing and new technologies Cloud-based access management Real-time monitoring "We're excited about the growth opportunities that the funding and this new partnership with Cushman & Wakefield offers," continued Mehl. "With mobile driving everything today, we hope that our technology provides a more engaging experience at the point-of-access to make everyone's lives easier and more efficient." For more information, visit About KISI Founded in 2012, KISI Inc. offers unparalleled flexibility and enhances security through real-time access control in the cloud. Balancing the highest level of enterprise-grade security while providing the best experience for the end user has been a value proposition point since KISI's inception. KISI allows companies to manage access control more efficiently and effectively by offering a better access experience for the end user with higher security measures than regular keycard systems. Clients include Cushman & Wakefield, TechStars, Oscar Insurance, Harrys and many other fast-growing innovators.   SOURCE KISI Inc. Originally published on PR News Wire  NYC based KISI Unlocks $1.5M Investment and Rolls out Mobile Access Pass at Cushman & Wakefield New York City Headquarters KISI Inc

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