Open Box is the only certified company in the MRI Partner Network #justsaying

  (May 16, 2017)-- Following a relationship of 13 years, Open Box recently became the first of MRI Software's service partners to be certified in terms of the MRI Partner Certification Program. Globally, Open Box is the only certified company in the MRI Partner Network and its certification is in all three of the currently available modules. These are MRI Commercial, MRI Residential and MRI Technical. MRI Investment Management will soon be added to this list. “We are extremely excited to be the first company to be certified by MRI. This showcases the trust that MRI has in our ability to deliver first-class solutions, translating into exceptional value to our clients,” says Open Box Director of Enterprise Solutions, Irfaan Brey. According to MRI, its Partner Certification Program provides services partners with the “education and know-how to successfully implement, consult, and train MRI customers”. It ensures the quality of solutions provided by third parties, to guarantee a consistent customer experience regarding quality, process and expertise delivered by partners – as compared to MRI Global Professional Services. The eligibility requirement for the certification program states that anyone employed by an “active, authorized services partner in Partner Connect” may enroll. While there are 5 professionals in the US- across all disciplines- who are now certified, the EMEA (Europe / Middle East / Africa) has 9 professionals- across all disciplines-. All of these 9 are from Open Box. MRI states that the MRI Software Partner Connect program is a client focused endeavor that powers MRI’s unique go-to-market strategy. “The program is focused on providing MRI and its partners’ mutual clients with the ability to leverage best-of-breed solutions alongside MRI’s award-winning products. MRI selects market-leading organizations in business-critical areas for its Partner Connect program.” The program is furthermore aimed at relationships and integrations that offer a “high confidence, low risk solution to property and investment management clients”. As part of MRI’S Strategic Initiative to Partner with Industry-Leading Service Providers, the Partner Connect program is described as including highly skilled and certified professional service partners from around the world. “The MRI Software Global Professional Services team works closely with our service partners to ensure a streamlined and customized implementation of your software. We have picked the best of the best to help serve our client needs.” Among other things, the certification program has the following advantages: Ensures quality of solutions provided by 3rd parties Helps clients get best ROI Ensures client peace of mind Ensures partners are up to date with latest developments within MRI Open Box is the only certified company in the MRI Partner Network #justsaying Open Box

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