Real Estate Tech Startups to Descend on Dallas for Motive Accelerator Demo Event

Real Estate Tech Startups to Descend on Dallas for Motive Accelerator Demo Event   Over 300 top investors, founders, and industry experts expected to attend Texas’ biggest real estate tech event of the year     DALLAS, TX (November 4, 2015) – Motive, the Dallas-based real estate technology accelerator, is attracting hundreds of the industry’s leading investors, thought leaders and professionals to its upcoming event, Kinetic: The Motive Demo Event. This must-attend event is being held in partnership with DisruptCRE, a premier commercial real estate technology conference series. The event takes place on Thursday, November 19 at 5:00pm in Dallas, and will feature presentations from some of the leading real estate startups, including Skyrise, Casalova, Leaseful and Dwelo.   Motive invests in early-stage tech companies that are disrupting the real estate industry with their innovative products and services. Through its intensive three-month program, Motive connects startups to investors, successful founders, strategic customers, and industry thought leaders.   The “Kinetic” event is the culmination of the three-month program where the first cohort of participating companies will be able to pitch their products to prospective investors, VCs, media and other industry thought leaders.   “Motive has received an outpouring of interest from an amazing group of real estate startups and we are excited to see our first class present at our upcoming Dallas event,” stated Dallas tech entrepreneur and Motive founder, John Backes. “This is an incredibly exciting time in the real estate tech space and Motive is thrilled to be at the forefront of this growing sector. Our upcoming event is a culmination of a lot of incredible progress our member sites have been making over the past few months and we look forward to helping support them and the overall Dallas tech sector,” Backes continued.   Partners of the event include:   DisruptCRE The Real Estate Council Canonball Creative Launch DFW Bisnow The News Funnel   “We are pleased to have attracted such high profile partners for our inaugural Demo Day and are equally thrilled to be partnering with DisruptCRE,” said Motive Cofounder Jonathan Van. “DisruptCRE is one of the most influential and respected commercial real estate tech organizations and we are extremely proud they are co-hosting our first Dallas conference.”   Along with their notable partners, the Motive Demo Day will be attended by some of the industry’s leading thought leaders. Backes commented: “It’s going to be really cool to see Linda McMahon interview the heads of global innovation and technology at CBRE, JLL, and DTZ/Cushman Wakefield, along with Jordan Nof, who led Blackstone’s investment in VTS. We’ll also be joined by New York real estate titan Jonathan Schultz, managing principal at Onyx Equities and one of the most prolific investors in the real estate tech space.”   For more information or to register for the event, please visit     About Motive   Motive invests in early-stage tech companies that are changing the way real estate is done. Through our intensive three-month program, we connect those startups to investors, successful founders, strategic customers, and industry thought leaders. Kinetic, our two-hour demo event, is the capstone our program, and will be attended by some of the top investors and leaders at the intersection of real estate and technology.   About DisruptCRE   DisruptCRE is a conference like no other. The brainchild of Stephen Hopkins, DisruptCRE showcases the best and brightest ideas from the most innovative minds in technology and commercial real estate. Our goal is to be a catalyst of change by merging the built environment with technological innovation. Our presenters will explore how technology is facilitating the changes in the future of investing, developing, managing, leasing, buying, selling, & financing commercial properties.   About Casalova   Casalova offers a personalized and streamlined approach to finding your next rental home. We match prospective tenants not only into homes that they will love but also algorithmically suggest neighbourhoods that will make you the happiest based on your interests, personality, and demographics. Tell us what you want in a home and a little about yourself, and we take care of the rest. We’re different because we give users who are typically struggling in the fragmented rental market, a seamless experience using our algorithmic approach.   About Dwelo   Dwelo turns ordinary apartments into smart apartments where lights, locks, and thermostats are connected to the internet. Dwelo sells directly to the owners of apartment communities, enabling them to offer a modern amenity to their residents. Residents love Dwelo's simple-to-use mobile app, which they can use to control their home from anywhere: their bed, the office, or the beach. And with a web app built specifically for the complex needs of the multifamily industry, Dwelo helps managers run their rental operations more efficiently and at lower cost.   About Leaseful   Leaseful is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for college subleasing. Currently, students look to Craigslist and Facebook to fill their subleasing needs, but the process is handled almost entirely offline, making it inconvenient and insecure. Leaseful introduces trust, transparency, and ease to college subleasing. With identity verification, background screening, and secure payment processing, Leaseful ensures that students never have to worry about subleasing again.   About Skyrise   Skyrise is a communications & concierge platform for commercial office buildings that connects tenants and their employees with building staff and administration. By encouraging community and facilitating communication within an office building, Skyrise provides landlords and their teams with deep insights into the people that work in their spaces on a daily basis. This allows them to attract and retain the right tenants while providing them with the data they need to invest smartly into the operation and growth of their assets.       Real Estate Tech Startups to Descend on Dallas for Motive Accelerator Demo Event MOTIVE

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