VTS Extends Market Intelligence Leadership with CompStak Partnership

NEW YORK,  April 22, 2016  --  VTS, the leading commercial real estate asset management and leasing platform, today announced a partnership with  CompStak, the world's largest marketplace for commercial real estate data. VTS users already benefit from VTS's powerful market intelligence offerings, which provides tenant information on more than 5 million companies through a partnership with S&P Capital IQ. With the CompStak partnership, users will be able to leverage VTS to analyze and track comp data from CompStak within the VTS platform. "Our industry-leading market intelligence offerings already drive top CRE players to our platform. Now, with CompStak's extensive crowdsourced comps data, we're adding more fuel to our market intelligence database. The comps data will help landlords and brokers more accurately price their buildings and negotiate leases, and as a result further increase their profitability," said  Nick Romito, Co-Founder and CEO, VTS. "VTS is building the one platform landlords, asset managers and brokers need, and the CompStak partnership is a valuable addition to our existing offering. Together, we're proving how data transparency and access improves the ability to make the most important business decisions," said  Korel Oktar, Chief Product Officer of VTS. "With CompStak and VTS, landlords and brokers can access comps and TIMs data that's crucial to their business on a single screen." "CompStak and VTS have a shared vision to fuel better, faster analysis among landlords, asset managers and brokers through data," said  Michael Mandel, CEO of CompStak. "VTS helps us expand our reach throughout the industry's top players. With this partnership, landlords and brokers will use CompStak's data in their daily workflow to make their most important decisions." The VTS Market Intelligence Module is designed to make landlords, asset managers and brokers more profitable with access to data that drives smarter decisions and deals. With the CompStak partnership, the module will include the following features: Ability to calculate fair-market rent and growth rates Tracking and analysis of users' own comps and TIMs, in addition to market rate benchmarking via Compstak S&P Capital IQ data on 5 million private and public company records for tenant information, including total revenue, net income, employee headcount, and more. To learn more about the VTS Market Intelligence Module and the CompStak partnership, visit  https://www.vts.com/. About VTS VTS is the leading leasing and asset management platform built to provide real-time portfolio analytics to the top landlords and brokerage firms in the world. VTS allows brokers and owners to manage deal activity, identify trends and quantify portfolio performance from their desktop or mobile device. With over 2 billion square feet under management, VTS is the driving force behind the industry's shift towards real-time data and is quickly becoming the marketplace standard. For more information, visit vts.com. About CompStak CompStak is the world's first comprehensive database of commercial lease information. CompStak gathers its information through a proprietary crowdsourced model, offering virtual currency for CRE professionals to provide and acquire the data they need. CompStak creates transparency that makes the commercial real estate industry more efficient for all. Learn more at  www.compstak.com. VTS Extends Market Intelligence Leadership with CompStak Partnership VTS

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