Web4Realty becomes first company in its industry to accept Bitcoin

MISSISSAUGA, ON:   Web4Realty, a SaaS company that provides web marketing tools to real estate professionals, has announced that it will be the first company in its industry to accept Bitcoin as payment for its online subscription service. Starting in January 2016, Web4Realty will use BitPay to allow real estate agents from around the world, to pay with the popular cryptocurrency. “As we continue to grow and scale into other markets across North America, we want to make it easy for people all over the world to connect and collaborate, and be able to accommodate our users to alternative forms of payment, which includes Bitcoin”, said Kosta Panagoulias, co-founder at Web4Realty. Bitcoin, created in 2009, is a decentralized form of digital currency, created and held electronically, which can be used to buy things digitally. Credit card merchants generally charge around 2-3% on a transaction, where Bitcoin would cost less than 1%, according to Web4Realty. The company believes Bitcoin will save its business a great deal of money, which are savings that it can then pass on to its customers. “We tend to attract clients who are young, tech-savvy and financially cautious, and several of them have brought up Bitcoin in conversation. Being a forward-thinking company, and knowing the importance of listening to client feedback, we can see Bitcoin as a significant payment option in the years to come. We just want to be ready for when that time finally comes”, said Panagoulias. Web4Realty joins several other technology brands who are already accepting Bitcoin, including Microsoft, Dell, Amazon and Tesla, to name a few. Web4Realty becomes first company in its industry to accept Bitcoin Web4Realty

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