WiredScore’s Global Growth Surges with 650 Buildings—Totaling 250 Million Square Feet—Achieving Wired Certification

Robust demand for Wired Certified properties reflects critical business need for strong Internet connectivity. New York, NY – May 24, 2016 – WiredScore, the pioneer behind the international standard that distinguishes best-in-class Internet connectivity in office buildings, today announced that it has awarded Wired Certification to more than 650 buildings globally, encompassing a quarter of a billion square feet of office space. Reaching this milestone in just over two years demonstrates the booming demand for exceptional tech infrastructure and the growing reputation of Wired Certification as a coveted distinction in the commercial real estate industry. “For any business to succeed in a globalized, digital economy, it needs strong, reliable Internet connectivity,” said Arie Barendrecht, co-founder and CEO of WiredScore. “Our mission is to create a better-connected world by enhancing connectivity to help businesses around the world thrive. The certification of 650 buildings is a key milestone in our work toward this goal, and this number will continue to grow exponentially as we expand around the world.” Wired Certification is an unprecedented international standard that has become a critical tool for all parties in commercial real estate: building owners can attract top businesses that require best-in-class connectivity, brokers can easily identify the properties that best suit their clients’ tech needs, and tenants can better understand the tech offerings of potential office spaces and make a fully informed decision. To achieve certification, properties must meet rigorous standards developed in conjunction with the top minds in the tech and commercial real estate industries. These standards include the number and quality of Internet service providers, bandwidth capabilities, and the reliability of connections based on the building’s infrastructure. Some of the most well-known commercial buildings worldwide have sought and achieved Wired Certification, including: The Empire State Building in New York City Chicago Board of Trade Building in Chicago Southeast Financial Center in Miami One California Plaza in Los Angeles The Leadenhall Building in London “As the first property owner to partner with WiredScore nationally, we are proud to provide top-notch tech amenities to our tenants and be part of this significant milestone,” said Sara Shank, managing director at Beacon Capital Partners. “Beacon is actively working to ensure that all of our buildings achieve Wired Certification of Silver or higher, demonstrating our commitment to incorporating superior tech infrastructure into our portfolio of properties and ensuring our tenants can operate efficiently and effectively from the moment they sign a lease.” “Cutting-edge connectivity is one of the most important offerings across our portfolio of properties,” said Scott Silverstein, leasing manager at Equity Office. “The internationally-recognized Wired Certified seal distinguishes our buildings in a competitive marketplace, making it easier than ever to exhibit the numerous benefits of leasing with us to potential tenants.” For information on how WiredScore can help your office property attract new tenants, increase satisfaction for your current tenants, and increase property values, visit:  http://wiredscore.com/ WiredScore powers the economic engine of cities around the world by championing cutting-edge tech infrastructure in commercial buildings. Launched in 2013 in partnership with the City of New York, WiredScore is the pioneer behind the international Wired Certification standard that evaluates and distinguishes best-in-class Internet connectivity in commercial buildings. Connectivity is a critical need in an increasingly tech-driven economy, and the widely recognized Wired Certification seal is a trusted symbol that signals buildings that have been independently certified to provide the leading-edge Internet infrastructure that businesses require to thrive. More than 650 properties—totaling 250 million square feet of office space in over 50 cities—have achieved Wired Certification through providing superior tech capabilities for their tenants. For more information on earning Wired Certification or to find Wired Certified buildings, visit:  http://wiredscore.com/ ### WiredScore's Global Growth Surges with 650 Buildings—Totaling 250 Million Square Feet—Achieving Wired Certification WiredScore

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