Juliette Morgan Discusses Uniting Individuals for Global Collective Change

Juliette Morgan

Thanks for keeping up with the CREtech Community in the News! This article features Juliette Morgan, ESG Consultancy Director, Gensler, set to take the stage at CREtech London on May 8-9, 2024. For more news about members of the CREtech Community, follow us on Linkedin.

Gensler's Juliette Morgan shares insights from COP28 in Dubai, emphasizing the record-breaking attendance of over 100,000 people, including world leaders, highlighting a global commitment to addressing the climate crisis. The Buildings Breakthrough initiative was launched, with 27 countries pledging to make near-zero emissions and climate-resilient buildings the norm by 2030. The conference celebrated diversity and inclusivity, amplifying voices from around the world. Morgan discusses the challenges of hosting a climate conversation in Dubai, emphasizing the need for sustainable design and collaboration to achieve a more sustainable future. Gensler's commitment to promoting sustainable design and addressing climate change is underscored through collaborations and initiatives announced during COP28. The article stresses the urgency of designing the future to create sustainable cities and communities, emphasizing the collective responsibility to reduce emissions and embrace change.

Join us at CREtech London on May 8-9 as Juliette takes the stage to deliver a closing keynote that will challenge the conventional language and actions surrounding sustainability in the built environment. With a focus on the urgent need for significant change, Juliette will provide a unique and thought-provoking perspective on creating a truly future-proofed built world. Don't miss this captivating presentation, offering a different outlook on sustainability to conclude CREtech London 2024.

Original article posted on December 21, 2021

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