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Lauren January 09, 2024

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In 2023, climate tech investment trends shifted from innovation-focused funding to larger-scale, 'boring' deployments. The annual report highlights a decline in funding to $32 billion, a 30% drop from 2022. Venture and growth ...

Lauren September 16, 2022
Adam Neumann’s new rental-apartment startup recently received a $350 million investment from venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. That big check came with an unusual catch.
Lauren September 16, 2022
Sway Ventures announced that multi-decade commercial real estate operator and former Blackstone backed, EQ Office CEO, Lisa Picard has joined the firm as a Partner. Picard adds to the PropTech team at Sway Ventures, which includes Ray Wirta, former Chairman of CBRE, as well as advisors including Doug Holte, CEO for Hines Global Innovation & ESG; Stephanie Fuhrman, former MD of Innovation at Gr...
Lauren July 12, 2022
Global funding slowed dramatically in the second quarter of 2022 as investors shied away from later-stage funding bets. It also marked the first quarter with a significant drop in funding since the beginning of 2020.
Lauren July 12, 2022
Warren Buffet often says to “buy when there’s blood in the streets and sell when there’s euphoria” and that moniker is as true today as it has ever been.
Lauren July 11, 2022

As millennials take over purchasing power, online experiences are no longer a luxury, but rather an expectation. This holds true for the construction space as well, yet most material suppliers in North America are not powered by any e-commerce ...

Lauren July 11, 2022
While global venture investment has fallen considerably from last year’s peak, the most active startup investors of 2021 have remained prolific dealmakers in 2022.
Lauren July 08, 2022
SAN FRANCISCO, Jun. 29, 2022 – JLL Spark Global Ventures, the corporate venture arm of JLL, is marking the fourth anniversary of the launch of its global fund by announcing that it has invested over $340 million across 40+ proptech startups since June 2018.
Lauren July 07, 2022
Protech startup Stake closed a $12 million series A funding round. The company offers cash back to renters, creating incentive programs that it claims provide more efficient and effective operations to owners and operators.