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daryn October 16, 2023
Rabbet's game-changing 2023 Construction Payments Report found that nearly 14% of total construction costs could be eliminated with faster, more reliable payments to contractors. In the current CRE environment, this is a significant make-or-break number for all players involved.
daryn August 28, 2023
The country’s business environment is a boon for enterprising construction technology firms, but it leaves little room to grow once a company is up and running, experts say.
daryn July 31, 2023
This year, a combination of a broader uncertain economy — brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine — and a flash-in-the-pan crisis triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March have battered contech firms.
Lauren June 02, 2023
Suffolk Technologies is calling technologists, builders, and visionaries to apply for BOOST – an intensive 6-week program designed to ignite growth and equip pioneering built world startups with the right tools to transform the industry. Startups will be launched into the built environment with direct access to jobsites, unparalleled operational knowledge, and an influential network of industry ...
daryn May 08, 2023
To achieve scale, founders, executives, and investors in construction technology need to eliminate the barriers to efficient growth. Here’s how.
daryn March 20, 2023
Nearly 90% of UK building projects are delivered late, but through predictive analytics, construction could revolutionise its efficiency, writes Jonathan Philips of Linesight.
Lauren September 13, 2022
  • Modulous’s Series A is rare example of a tech firm increasing its valuation as global markets slide – a testament to growing interest in companies that help decarbonise real estate
  • The Modulous software platform automates design, costing and programming – mean...
daryn July 20, 2022
Tech giant Amazon is pausing construction on six of its planned office towers — five in Washington state and one in Tennessee — with no timeline on when it will restart building activity.  
daryn July 18, 2022
Assembly OSM, a modular construction startup that has compared its process to putting together Ikea furniture, raised $38 million in Series A funding.  
daryn July 18, 2022
Investment leads can come from a wide variety of sources. In the case of Dysruptek’s investment in the web-based and collaborative construction technology platform ProPlanner, the impetus came from under its own roof.