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daryn June 12, 2023
Bob W Oosterpark and Bob W Noord, comprising over 150 apartments, lofts and rooms between them, will be exemplars of the operator’s pioneering approach to 21st-century hospitality, combining the quality of a hotel with the authenticity of short-term rental accommodation. Guests will enjoy a five-star, contactless service in locally-designed apartments within these handpicked neighbourhoods.
daryn December 05, 2022
Airbnb Inc. is launching a listing service for rental apartments with some of the biggest landlords and property managers in the country, a bid to expand its business in multifamily buildings where owners often shun short-term rentals.
daryn June 29, 2022
In a recent keynote talk on the future workplace at the kick-off of this year’s Design Museum week, Upflex Chief Product Officer Ginger Dhaliwal and Steelcase VP of Workplace Experience Dr. Tracy Brower tackled the question: What are things about the old way of working we’re starting to see reemerge, and what are the new trends that are changing the way we work moving forward? Here are the wor...
daryn June 29, 2022
The next big property alternative could be short-term holiday rentals. So said a report on the potentially $60B global 'alternative accommodation' sector now dominated by aggregator websites like and Airbnb.
daryn May 09, 2022
Boost efficiency and save money with Property Inspect, an integrated inspection, operations and reporting software for hotels, restaurants, short-term rentals, boutique stays and more. Conduct periodic inspections, detailed building audits and risk assessments with Property Inspect’s award-winning app.  
daryn April 21, 2022
Retail, real estate and hospitality are some of the industries which will encounter big opportunities for expansion in the metaverse, says one industry expert.
Lauren March 21, 2022
Alex Shtarkman, Vice President of Revolution Ventures, discusses the value of a hands-on investor, and how technology is transforming the hospitality and multi-family sectors.
Lauren January 17, 2022

Adrian Washington is tired of staring at holes. The founder and longtime CEO of Neighborhood Development Co., Washington has spent over two decades building ur...

Lauren January 14, 2022
Vacation rental company Sonder is expanding in Washington, D.C., adding 280 units across a trio of locations to its portfolio.
brandonlin October 05, 2021
Big hotel companies are adding more all-inclusive resorts, betting that the pandemic will boost a business model that encourages guests to stay in one place. These resorts, where customers pay a flat fee that covers their room, food, drinks and other services, have recovered from the shock of the pandemic faster than other types of hotels, analysts say. They typically cater to tourists, who hav...