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daryn October 30, 2023
In many cases, cities will use metaverse technology as an extension of existing urban digital twin platforms and solutions
daryn April 17, 2023
The hype has blown over, but proptech players say virtual property still has utilitarian uses and a future.
daryn April 03, 2023
The metaverse, the virtual world that was the hot thing in tech less than two years ago, is facing a harsher reality.
daryn September 12, 2022
Iconic department store Bloomingdale’s is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a new virtual store, designed by Emperia, that will go live during New York Fashion Week, which starts September 9.
daryn June 30, 2022
LD Salmanson, CEO of real estate data firm Cherre, has nothing against the virtual world and what it could offer. “I’m a gamer,” he tells “I was a professional gamer for a little while. I’m appreciable of the fact that there can be meaningful social interactions on some of these platforms. I can buy into that looking at the longer horizon. But I feel that most of the peop...
daryn June 27, 2022
Some of the world’s biggest companies are starting to set up shop in the so-called metaverse, sketching out an early blueprint for how people might eventually make real money in the much-hyped digital realm.  
daryn June 23, 2022
Avison Young will dip its toe into the metaverse, serving as the exclusive leasing agent for metaverse investor and developer Everyrealm.
daryn June 15, 2022
In this article, Kristian Stott, Head of New Business at iamproperty, analyses the digital revolution in our lives and in property and why we still need to think ‘people first, tech second’.
daryn June 09, 2022
Fifth Wall is the world’s largest real-estate-focused proptech VC, and has made its first metaverse investment in a startup called Parcel.
daryn May 10, 2022
The world’s first virtual hotel has opened within the Metaverse. M Social Decentraland - part of the Singapore-based Millennium Hotels brand - opened in Decentraland, a virtual reality platform, on 5 May.