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daryn March 30, 2022
Grabbing a cold beverage at your local retailer is turning into a high-tech digital odyssey, with ordinary cooler doors coming alive to offer up product information, deals and — yes — advertisements, Joann Muller writes.
Lauren March 25, 2022
Carlos Rousseau, Co-founder and CEO of Orange Investments, looks to increase tokenization and green technology into the CRE industry in Latin America.
Lauren March 22, 2022
Rooftop solar panels are old news, but solar panels in the parking lot have one of the most ubiquitous big-box retailers thinking net-zero. Target Corp. has retrofitted a store in Vista, California, to be a net-zero energy facility. The site will generate more renewable energy than it needs to operate and will test various other changes to its physical plant to re...
Lauren January 14, 2022
San Francisco-based Databricks, a company that offers the capabilities of a data warehouse and data lake in a single “lakehouse” architecture, today announced its first industry-specific offering: Lakehouse for Retail.
Lauren December 20, 2021
Clear Secure Inc., an identification services company known for its expedited screening product for air travelers, is bringing its biometric sign-up scanners to locations beyond airports. The company has temporarily installed the biometrics machines this month inside a Showfields Inc. interactive mall ...
brandonlin September 22, 2021

Ntwrk, a 3-year-old app, functions as a sort of streetwear QVC. But how well does live-stream shopping really work?

brandonlin September 20, 2021
Starbucks has closed more than 40 stores, while adding mobile-order pickup counters in others. Other chains like Sonic are taking advantage of vacancies to establish themselves in New York.
brandonlin August 21, 2021 Inc. plans to open several large physical retail locations in the U.S. that will operate akin to department stores, a step to help the tech company extend its reach in sales of clothing, household items, electronics and other areas, people familiar with the matter said.
brandonlin August 16, 2021
There’s still a reason for the brick-and-mortar retail store to exist — it just has to take on a new, futuristic meaning. And to find the best example of how that’s being done look no further than Nike, which over the past few years has been trying to perfect the...
Lauren August 11, 2021
The e-commerce platform has opened Shopify New York, a two-story, 8,000-sq-ft. space in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood that is designed to serve as a place where existing and budding entrepreneurs will have the ability to attend workshops and events, get one-to-one support, book podcast and photography studio space, and sell in its pop-up shop.