Speaker Spotlight: Kevin Shtofman, National Real Estate Blockchain Lead, Deloitte Consulting

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Don't miss Kevin Shtofman, National Real Estate Blockchain Lead at Deloitte Consulting on the Innovation Stage at CREtech New York for the session, "Data...Data...Data..." Learn from the leading data gurus in the industry on how today's tech companies help their clients use data to achieve better ROI and outperform the market.

Our team at CREtech recently caught up with Shtofman to learn more about his role and his vision for the commercial real estate tech sector.

What were you doing prior to your current role and why did you decide to enter the commercial real estate tech industry?

Kevin Shtofman: I was helping real estate companies select technology tools for implementation at a boutique before being recruited to Deloitte.

Describe your role at your company and what your day-to-day looks like?

KS: I lead a small group of motivated consultants in our Real Estate Technology practice. We spend most of our time stateside, but have a global presence. Most days, our team is advising large owner/operators, developers, and asset managers on what technology solutions to implement to increase company profit. I run some of these projects but mostly rely on great teams to help our group implement on the ground. I also speak at various events to evangelize the importance of real estate technology.

What are you most excited about that your company is currently doing in the commercial real estate tech sector?

KS: Our investments in Machine Learning are extremely interesting. I am limited on what I can disclose, but interfacing multiple data sets to help improve the tenant experience is occupying a lot of our group's time at the moment.

What is the most important trend you are paying attention to today in commercial real estate tech?

KS: Two massive tends that in my mind dwarf the others are: 

  • IoT-connected buildings and separating vaporware from true value for building owners, operators, and managers.
  • Intelligent data visualization and analytics to enable real estate investors to scale efficiently

What startups are you particularly excited about?

KS: I might be biased since many of the companies I am excited about I initially met during CREtech events over the past two years.... That being said, NavigatorCRE for data visualization, Enertiv for building management, StratisIoT, and CityZenith.

The 2019 CREtech NYC Conference will be held on October 16th and 17th at Dock72 in Brooklyn and is expected to attract 2,000 professionals from around the world. Global commercial real estate executives will attend the event to network, uncover new investment opportunities, and acquire leading-edge products and services to enable digital transformation for the largest industry in the world.

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