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Lauren August 06, 2020
Exhausted… But inspired! That's how I felt last Thursday night after our first four day virtual event concluded. Two full days focused on Europe and two days focused on U.S. content. But it was a different type of exhaustion. Not physical, but mental. Let me start by saying program...
Lauren July 16, 2020
That’s how I would best describe my own internal wiring. I am constantly curious.  Always trying to improve.  Continuing to seek out what is new, interesting and leading-edge. I am obsessed with change and transformation. Does it lead to a lot of failures?  Sure. Is it risky?  Absolutely.  But it is also what drives t...
Lauren June 16, 2020
As a serial entrepreneur, I have been around for many extraordinarily challenging market cycles as well as every imaginable crisis, many of my own making. And yet, the pandemic was the toughest period I have ever personally lived through. And while we as a society are clearly making progress, we are still fighting through it and have a long way to go. 
Lauren May 22, 2020
 “57 channels and nothing on.” - Bruce Springsteen I am losing my f-in mind!!! What I used to hear in my head was “Bruuuuuuuuuce” and it has officially been replaced by “Zooooooom”. Just because someone can
Lauren May 15, 2020
Big tech! One of the most extraordinary outcomes we are witnessing (or shall I say being bombarded with) on a daily basis is how “work” as we know it is now being challenged during the pandemic. Not a day goes by where I am not inundated with content from companies doing surveys, studies, making suggestions and plans on ...
Lauren April 27, 2020
The most important advice I can give a startup today... Drop the terms “Proptech Startup” from your vocabulary! Of course, given the state of the economy, dry funding climate and the
Lauren April 10, 2020
Don't worry, CREtech isn’t going anywhere nor is our industry :) In fact, I have no doubt that my company and our industry as a whole will emerge from this pandemic stronger, wiser and positioned for an entirely new era of innovation in the real estate industry. Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me feedback on
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CRETech April 02, 2020
“Community.” When I set out to build CREtech, I did so with one goal in mind… to build the largest community of real estate tech professionals and enthusiasts in the world. Through hard work and w...
ash1 March 27, 2020
In my lifetime (55 years), I have never seen anything like these times we are living in today. And trust me, I have seen A LOT! The fear, both real and imagined, the threat to people's live...
CRETech February 11, 2020
The tide has been slowly shifting toward mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in real estate tech, and this year a tidal wave will hit. A staggering 7,000 startups ha...