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CRETech January 08, 2020
“Infinite learner” is a concept that has always driven me. This philosophy helped to consistently push me outside of my own comfort zone into new territories. It has provided me with a lifetime of growth opportunities, both personally and professionally. And it has served me incredibly well  as I have traveled further than I ever imagined in so many ways.
CRETech November 12, 2019
The commercial real estate industry is changing rapidly. Demographic trends, emerging technology, and innovation have already dramatically augmented aspects of CRE that had seemed once seemed inexorably fixed. To provide a never before seen look at venture capital activity in the proptech sector,
CRETech October 24, 2019
Some numbers are so big they boggle the mind. Million? That’s a lot. Billion? One could name some billionaires, though scarcely conceive of the monetary reality. Trillion? It sounds like a fake number to most—an inconceivable amount of anything, let alone money. Retail’s latest puzzle is about a trillion U.S, dollars, and according to CEO
CRETech August 22, 2019
In the old days of retail—the era of Don Drapers marketing to consumers from Madison Avenue—the go-to formula for retail success was simple: Build a great product, then sell the hell out of it by any means possible. “Any means possible,” however, actually just meant leveraging the few key channels available to marketers back then. 
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CRETech July 30, 2019
So much of the hubbub in commercial real estate right now centers on “smart cities”—we’ve tracked
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CRETech July 11, 2019
Amazon is an easy scapegoat for the ever-changing world of retail. Cities, brokers, and retailers are inclined to point fingers at Amazon for their every problem, but this type of blanket blame overlooks many of the significant trends shaping the future of retail. And sure, Amazon likely acted as a catalyst for many key aspects of these trends, but now that the ball...
CRETech June 13, 2019
Read the tech papers for most any industry these days and headlines announce the dawn of a new era for that industry. The millennials are coming and they’re upending everything. Hyperbole? Not really. Millennials—and their younger Generation Z counterparts—are entering the workforce in droves. As these workplace demographics change, the priorities of the risin...
CRETech May 24, 2019
Ben Liao is one of the most impressive and important people in the CREtech ecosystem. His leadership at Colliers Proptech Accelerator Powered by Techstars is making a profound impact on our industry and I am proud to call him a friend and have him as part of our
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CRETech May 14, 2019
Commercial real estate has an entirely new asset class to contend with: coliving. When my peers and I first heard talk of coliving, most of us sneered.“Only millennials could live like that!,” we thought. Coliving would, like the ill-fated Webvan, become nothing more than an industry footnote. Both ideas didn’t make se...
CRETech April 16, 2019
When I step back and think about where we are in CREtech, I’m continually inspired by the extraordinary passion of entrepreneurs working and fighting to bring innovation to market. With few outside forces mandating a tech revolution, the sector historically eschewed the changes it would take for tech to dramatically alter CRE.
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