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CRETECH October 06, 2016

If there’s one thing that today’s real estate agents want, it’s to be on top of the search engine rankings. With the national release of, Plano Texas based Houses For Sale, LLC. is helping agents achieve results above that of national portals like Zillow and

How does it work?

CRETECH October 06, 2016
CRETECH October 05, 2016

Media innovator Matterport is leading the way in creating and distributing 3D and virtual reality content across the real estate industry. Their latest figures showcase the tremendous potential of immersive technology across various market segments with the number of

CRETECH October 04, 2016

Sharestates surpassed the $1 billion mark in loan funding capacity thanks to its latest round of capital infusion. The nation’s top online real estate crowdfunding platform will use the new funds to increase their funding capabilities, add new loans programs, of...

CRETECH October 03, 2016
CRETECH September 30, 2016

The latest CRE Tech event brings hundreds of commercial real estate industry leaders together at the Intersect, a community-driven symposium to promote emerging trends in technology. Early tickets for the New York City event have sold out.

The Intersect symposium is in the afternoon and evening on October 6 at One World Trade Center. L...

CRETECH September 28, 2016

What might you do with the money saved from significantly reduced rent and commuting costs? Could you live with only a bed, a closet, and TV? New Yorkers have their micro apartments, and soon Mumbai may be fashioning the micro-hotel, thanks to the vision of a 24-year-old real estate adventurist.  

To meet the growing demands for a...

CRETECH September 26, 2016

Retailers and brands seeking to expand their international presence will benefit from the merger of temporary pop-up retail marketplaces Oui Open and Storefront. The

CRETECH September 26, 2016

The nexus between real estate and technology is clearly evidenced by events such as New York Real Estate Tech Week (NYRTEW), which started in 2015. Investors, tech entrepreneurs and real estate market leaders now have an event that they can truly call their own, and organizers are hoping to expand this event to other major housing markets in the United States. For the second edition...

CRETECH September 22, 2016

When Chicago’s Zeller Realty Group recently signed onto Honest Buildings, the project management and procurement software reached a new milestone. Since its inception, Honest Buildings has helped commercial real estate owners manage over $1 billion in capital and tenant improvement projects ...